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All pollinators welcome here

GIAC Pollinator Garden

GIAC approached ICG last year, looking for support in developing a pollinator garden to make better use of their outdoor space. Weaving together support and partnership of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services, the process- and resulting garden- are inspiring. The ICG team has worked on all aspects- working

Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Martin-Schroeder

1. How did you come to volunteer at ICG?As recent residents of the Ithaca area, we were impressed with the various groups and activities available to be involved. I was a recent retiree of 30 years as a public school elementary teacher, civic volunteer in

Build a Paper Yurt!

Ithaca Children’s Garden believes in connecting children to nature for a better world- even in the rain, sleet, and snow.  But when torrential summer rains strike or the winters become too cold for our preschoolers, we are left at a loss for safe onsite shelter.

Monique Caraballo in the Garden

Monique Caraballo, ICG’s Communications & Marketing Coordinator since July 2020, shares the personal way she connects to the Garden to help both herself, and the Garden grow. I spent my early childhood in New York City. Just a few blocks away from Central Park. I

Volunteer Spotlight: Ritza Francois

How did you come to volunteer at ICG? I originally met Erin, the Executive Director, through the Tompkins Chamber where I was given a tour upon our introduction. It was actually the first time I had ever been to the Garden but had always been

Let’s Get Through This Together!

We are all so excited to see the CDC roll back some of its mask mandates for vaccinated individuals. Like so many of you, we look forward to enjoying the summer with those we’ve missed the last year. We would like to remind you that

Volunteer Spotlight: Peggy Arcadi

How did you come to volunteer at ICG?  I was looking for a volunteer opportunity that would combine my love of gardening and the outdoors with service to the community.  Why do you volunteer at ICG? The first time I saw children running to grab

Volunteer Spotlight: Parley Hannan

How did you come to volunteer at ICG? In the summer of 2019, I applied to be a Playworker and got the job. ICG felt like an organization that aligned with my values and I wanted to stay connected with them even after the job was