Eid Al-Adha

Eid Al-Adha (10th of Dhul Hijjah) is Tuesday (8/21). Eid prayers will be in the One World Room of Anabel Taylor Hall with takbeerat starting at 6:45am and prayer starting at 7am sharp.

Parking will be free outside of Anabel Taylor Hall until 7:30am.

Recommended Acts for Eid Day

  1. Awaken earlier than usual.
  2. Brush the teeth with Miswaak.
  3. Have a Ghusl (bath).
  4. Dress in one’s best clothes, not necessarily new.
  5. Use Itr (perfume).
  6. Avoid eating before Eid prayer.
  7. To walk to the place of Eid prayer (if it is within walking distance).
  8. Recite the Takbeer aloud on the way to the place of Eid prayer:
    Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, laa ilaaha ill-Allah, Allahu akbar, wa Lillah il-hamd (Allah is Most Great, Allah is Most Great, there is no god but Allah; Allah is Most Great and to Allah be praise).
  9. Use different routes to and from the place of Eid prayer.

Community Event for July: Join in Supporting the IWR Picnic Saturday

This month for our community activity we have decided to participate in the annual picnic being organized by Ithaca Welcomes Refugees. This is a local organization that has brought together a very diverse group of volunteers who are working together to support the needs of refugees and immigrant populations in our region.

Members of our Muslim community have helped to form this organization and have been participating since its beginning. It has been a good vehicle for us to be involved with the larger Ithaca community in helping to care for and uphold the dignity of those who come here facing difficult circumstances, and this will be a good opportunity for us to meet new people and represent our Islamic values.

Please bring a dish to share and join us between 11am-2pm Saturday, July 14th. The event will be held at the Groundswell Center, 100 Rachel Carson Way, Ithaca. This is on the West Hill, less than 10 minutes from downtown. There will be games and activities for children.

Transportation to the picnic location will be provided on a first come, first served basis at 10:30am from two locations:

  1. Groundswell Center (office location), 225 S. Fulton St., Ithaca
  2. Ithaca Welcomes Refugees, 315 N. Cayuga St., Ithaca

Those who need transportation to Groundswell for the event have the following options:

Eid Ul-Fitr in Ithaca

Eid Ul-Fitr is expected to be on Friday, June 15.

Below is a list of activities related to Eid.

1- Eid Prayer

It will be held at One World Room, Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell University. Takbeerat will start at 7:45am and the prayer will start at 8am sharp. Since it is Friday, parking outside Anabel Taylor Hall is not available. However, most City of Ithaca street parking (e.g. Collegetown, Stewart Ave, Edgemoor Ln) is FREE until 9am. There is also the option of finding paid parking on campus, such as behind Willard Straight Hall.

2- Eid Celebration Picnic and BBQ

You are invited…

Enjoy the day with other Muslims!

Saturday, June, 16 2017 starting @ 1pm

Myers Park, Pavilion D
1 Lansing Park Rd, Lansing, NY 14882

(Click here for map)

Eid Flyer