Request for Comment

The lease for the current moosalla location (111 E Seneca St) will end in December. There are multiple options for moving forward. We are trying to compile ideas to make a decision that most people will agree with. Some general ideas are presented in the following document. Please note that the ideas are not exclusive.

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Please look over the document and give your feedback in the following form:

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Feed My Starving Children

Thank you so much to the sisters and brothers and children who have already come to pack food and those who have volunteered. May Allah (SWT) accept and reward your efforts. Ameen.

To speak now of our fundraising  efforts to pay for the food we are packing. We have raised close to $1,000 of our $2,000 goal. This is an opportunity for us to contribute locally to an effort that is providing relief for children in need in over 70 countries, and from an Islamic perspective we should remember the example of generosity and compassion shown by our Prophet (SAW). We may also do well to reflect on how we wish to be seen in the greater community, as the organizers of the event will certainly notice, so please consider donating on behalf of our community.

You can do this anonymously if you wish, by using this link to our team donation page, Tompkins County Muslims: