Community Potluck

There will be a community potluck today (12/8) from 5-8pm at GIAC (301 W Court St, Ithaca, NY). Please bring a dish to share.

If you are not able to prepare a meal to bring please come and join us anyway, there is great benefit in our being all together and your company is valued.

Dua Kumayl Thursday

Brothers and sisters will be gathering to recite Dua Kumayl and have dinner Thursday after Isha prayer (~6:20pm) at the moosalla. Please note that if there is extreme weather conditions, then it will be canceled.

Jumuah Prayer Today

The Jumuah prayer will be held at the normal location and time today (11/23) at 1:15pm, One World Room in Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell University.  Because the University is officially closed, the only unlocked door will be the side door exiting to the Anabel Taylor Hall parking lot with the Cul-de-Snack sign. This is the same door we normally enter and leave by when we do the Taraweeh prayers during Ramadan. The Anabel Taylor Hall parking lot can also be used for parking.