Jumuah Prayer Tomorrow

This coming Friday (12/28) we will plan to hold the jumuah prayer at Moosalla Noor (111 E Seneca Street) in downtown Ithaca. Anabel Taylor Hall is closed between December 24 and January 1 and no services can be scheduled during this time. This is a based on a new university policy where certain buildings on campus, including Anabel Taylor Hall, must be closed and left unoccupied during staff breaks.

The door of the Moosalla will be open before 1pm and we will plan to begin the khutba at the regular time, 1:15pm. Please walk down the driveway and use the side entrance to the building. See the map below for location details and suggestions for parking. We cannot park in the driveway on weekdays but there are many convenient options close by. The Seneca@Commons TCAT bus stop is a block away. Please plan accordingly and arrive early if possible.

We have prepared the rooms downstairs and upstairs with prayer rugs and should be able to accommodate the numbers of people we typically have during the Cornell break. You may wish to bring a prayer rug. The facility has two small bathrooms.

Next week, jumuah prayer will continue in Anabel Taylor Hall as normal.

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