Feed My Starving Children

This is a reminder about the upcoming opportunity to share with other members of the Ithaca community in a large service project. The Ithaca MobilePack/ Feed My Starving Children event will begin at the end of next week, in which we will work to assemble food packages that will be sent to regions of the world  where people are experiencing hunger and need. The event will be held at the St. Catherine of Siena Church.

This year we have reserved shifts for 10 workers on four days of the packing event. A number of people have responded and we have filled close to half of our reserved spaces, and it is now time to fill the remaining spots or open them to other people. Children five years and older are welcome to work alongside adults in the packing shifts and many children from our community are now experienced packers.

This has been a very good way for us to share the important Islamic values of charity and service to others in a context together with members of the other religious communities in Ithaca. Please support this effort by signing up to work with us, donating to raise money for the food we will pack, or both!

The following is a list of the shifts and how many places we are trying to fill for workers. Children count equally as adults.

Thursday October 11, 7-9pm: 8 spots need to be filled
Friday October 12, 8-10pm: 6 spots need to be filled
Saturday October 13, 7-9pm: 5 spots need to be filled
Sunday October 14, 4-6pm: all spots have been filled.

Please respond with the names of adults and children who will volunteer for the remaining spots, and we can register you to reserve these. If we do not fill these spots we will need to give them up for others who would like to volunteer.

A fundraising team has been formed, Tompkins County Muslims, and a link has been created so that the donations to pay for the food packed by our community can be counted together. The cost for the food packed by one volunteer is $50. Please use this link to contribute:  https://give.fmsc.org/team/192744

Two years ago the Muslim fundraising team raised more money than any of the other teams and earned recognition for us as an important member of the local religious communities. This year we have set a $2,000 fundraising goal. Please be reminded of the virtues mentioned by our Prophet Muhammad, (peace be upon him), of those who compete with one another in good deeds.