Facility Use

We encourage members of the community to use our facilities for events provided that they fulfill the following criteria and that they follow the guidelines.


  1. Event should further the mission and objectives of the organization. The event should aim to accomplish at least one objective to some degree.
  2. Events may not be restricted to specific persons. All people are invited to attend, provided that they fulfill any gender and age requirements for the event. The event may be advertised over the email list when deemed appropriate.
  3. Event venue should not conflict with already scheduled events, including daily prayers.
  4. Event should not contain material which would make anyone entering the facility uncomfortable (from an Islamic point of view), even if they are not attending the event. Controversial issues with differences of opinions from scholars should be avoided. Gender separation should be maintained as much as possible.


  1. The person submitting the form will be considered the event organizer and will be responsible for the event.
  2. The event organizer is responsible for monitoring the premise for potential situations that can result in damage to the premise or injury to people in the premise.
  3. The event organizer will assume responsibility for any damages resulting out of negligence in monitoring the premise.
  4. The event organizer will ensure that the premise is left clean following the event and that garbage is properly disposed of.

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