Ramadan in Ithaca

Ramadan has started.

The prayer schedule for Ramadan can be downloaded here.

In addition, the Ramadan information sheet distributed by the Muslim Educational and Cultural Association of Cornell University can be downloaded here.

Below is a list of activities during Ramadan.

1- Daily Prayers

Prayers in congregation are held at the moosalla at the following times: Fajr – 10 minutes after start, Dhuhr – 1:30pm, Asr – 6:30pm. Maghrib and Isha are held at One World Room, Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell University soon after the start time.

2- Daily Quran Recitation Halaqa

At the moosalla every day for 30 mins there will be Quran recitation halaqa after Asr prayer (6:30pm).

3- Daily Iftaar

There will be daily iftaars every day in One World Room, Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell University. Sponsored by the Cornell Muslim Alumni.

4- Nightly Taraweeh Prayers

Taraweeh is prayed after ‘Isha prayer during Ramadan. These will be prayed at One World Room, same place where iftaar is served. There are guest Huffaz visiting and the complete Quran will be recited by June 9, inshaa’Allah.

5- Weekly Potluck

Each Saturday at One World Room there will be a potluck iftaar. On Saturday, May 26, there will be a special iftaar for families of graduating students.

6- Weekly Quranic Support Group

The Quran refers to itself as a “healing and a mercy to those who believe.” Every Wednesday 7pm at G3a Anabel Taylor Hall, Chaplain Yasin will lead a Quranic based emotional support group for anyone facing stress, anxiety, depression, despair, guilt, loss and more. All are welcome! For more information, click here.

7- Weekly Open Q/A with Chaplain Yasin

Every Thursday 7pm at G3a Anabel Taylor Hall, join Chaplain Yasin for open conversations.

8- Quran Competition: TBD

Spend some time this month to memorize and revise the Quran. Details will be announced soon.
Prizes are sponsored by the Cornell Muslim Alumni.

9- Itikaf and Qiyam Nights: TBD

In order to take advantage of all of the last nights of Ramadan, there will be tahajjud prayers held.

Dua Kumayl Tonight

Brothers and sisters will be gathering to recite Dua Kumayl and have pizza today (5/10) after Maghrib prayer (~8:20pm) at the moosalla. Pizza will be provided.

Community Potluck

There will be a community potluck this Saturday (5/12) from 2-7pm in One World Room of Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell University. Please bring a dish to share.

If you are not able to prepare a meal to bring please come and join us anyway, there is great benefit in our being all together and your company is valued.

End of Year Celebration for Children Islamic School on Sunday

Sunday, May 13 from 11am-2pm

Myers Park, Pavilion C
1 Lansing Park Rd,
Lansing, NY

For food there will be Pizza, popcorn, drinks, cup-cakes, and cotton candy.

Parents have the option to either stay with their kids in the park or leave the children with teachers at park. Please do sign-in and sign-out your child with either Sister Shaista Or Sister Nadia when you drop and pick your child from park.

Please kindly reply if joining us so we can plan accordingly.

(Students will be given their year end appreciation certificate/award at the potluck on Saturday, May 12th.)